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Halloween Choir Show - Disney Villains

(10/5): The time is quickly approaching for the Pontotoc City School Choir's first show of the year. This year for Halloween, we have decided to go with a theme based around some of the most popular Disney Villains of all time. Come on out on October 28th at 7:00 P.M. to witness some awesome music sung by some of your former and current students. If you are a fan of Disney, you truly do not want to miss this fun concert. If you have ever wondered what certain Disney Villains would sing or what it would be like to see them run the night, you'll be in for a treat. To make things more fun, we are inviting our audience to come dressed in costumes this year. This isn't mandatory, but it is Halloween! We would love it if you would join us as we will also be dressed as our favorite Disney Villains.

Look at that Bacteria Grow

(10/5): Mrs. Whitworth and Ms Swain's 6th grade Science classes discovered an alarming amount of bacteria on items we use on a daily basis. Needless to say they were definitely grossed out. Using a sterile cotton swab each group chose a different surface to test. They chose a variety of surfaces including fruit, classroom tables, boys bathroom (UGH), vending machine buttons, handrail on 5th grade hallway, inside of their cheek, outside of their cheek, and the list goes on. Once they had their specimen, they transferred to prepared agar petri dishes, lightly spreading them over the agar. Some put them in the window while others put them on a table under a lamp. The next day in class, we observed no growth in the ones under the light; however, those in the sunlight had much growth with several different bacteria colonies formed. Students discovered that the right temperature was needed for the bacteria to grow. They determined that the bacteria placed in the sun were much warmer than those under a regular lamp. After this experiment, many students ask for a clorox wipe quite regularly!

Anchored for Skills

(10/5): To review for benchmarks, 5th grade ELA students made and presented anchor charts for each skill that they learned throughout the first 9 weeks of school.

Falling for Math Riddles

(10/4): Today, in 5th grade math, we reviewed for our Fall Benchmark Test coming up this week. Students were given old benchmark questions. They were instructed to answer all of the questions first. Then, students were able to go back and answer Fall riddles based on their correct answers.

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