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Leaf Collections

PMS Ag Classes Create Leaf Collections

(9/14): Students are working on a leaf collection. They have gathered leaves here at school and brought some from home. They have pressed them in books and identified most of them. Students are creating a cover for their collection by doing leaf rubbings. They will start a wildflower collection in the spring.
Ag is rocking and rooting

AG Classes are Rocking and Rooting

(9/15): Time for Ag EPISODE 6: Rocking and Rooting
Mrs. Whitworth and Ms. Swain's AG classes are rooting out the roots of bushes that were in the flower bed in front of the office and Math classrooms. These bushes were cut down last year by the maintenance team in order for the AG classes to put down garden fabric and rock! They will create a container garden there with raspberries, muscadines, blueberries, sage, rosemary and other seasonal plants and veggies. B&B Concrete is donating the rock, and Poe Brothers is helping with the delivery of the rock. We have a wonderful community to help our Warriors of Distinction. Until the next episode....AG is rocking and rooting!
The Dot activity

International Dot Day

(9/15): Students listened to the book and had an activity that went along with International Dot Day.
Counselor Connection

Classroom Guidance with the Counselor

(9/14): Mrs. Ritchie shared a lesson on bullying/cyberbullying with all sixth graders this week. Students watched a brief video and then had discussions of what bullying consists of in schools. Students role played situations and promoted anti-bullying by playing a compliment game. Students wrote kind things about their peers without them seeing. At the end of the activity students enjoyed reading all the nice statements that were written and placed them in their notebook to refer back to during the year.
Positive Praise students

PMS Positive Praise Students

(9/15): Congrats to these students who were recognized for demonstrating positive characteristics in the classrooms and hallways of PMS.

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