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6th Graders Explore Newton's Law of Inertia in Lab Stations

(2/21): 6th Grade Science lab was loud, but the students were learning as they delved into Newton's Law of Inertia through engaging lab stations. Newton's Law of Inertia states that an object at rest will stay at rest, and an object in motion will stay in motion until an unbalanced force acts upon it.
From the "Penny Drop" to "Car Crash," each station offered a hands-on experience to understand this concept of inertia.
Students eagerly participated in activities like determining which object has more inertia in "Which Is More?", how far books will keep moving in "Plop", how water in the "Spinning Egg" will keep it spinning until gravity and friction make it stop, and how friction and the reduction of friction have different effects on an object.
Through these interactive stations, our budding scientists not only learned about Newton's law but also honed their critical thinking and experimental skills. Kudos to our 6th-grade science class for their enthusiasm and curiosity in exploring the fascinating world of physics!
trees in the hollow

AG Episode 14: 6th Grade Ag Students Bring Life to "PMS Orchard in the Hollow"

(2/21): Spring has arrived, and our 6th-grade agriculture students in have been busy planting muscadine and raspberry vines, along with blueberry bushes, in the "PMS Orchard in the Hollow". With their gloves on and shovels in hand, these young gardeners are nurturing the growth of our school's green spaces.
Their efforts in tending to the orchard not only contribute to the beauty of our campus but also provide valuable hands-on learning experiences. Let's cheer on our Ag students as they cultivate a fruitful future for our school community! Until the next episode, feel free to farm a little yourself!
positive praise

Positive Praise Students

(2/15): These Pontotoc Middle School students demonstrated positive characteristics the past few weeks. We are proud of your respectful manners that you demonstrate at school.

Green Stems of Promise: Daffodils on the Rise!

(2/15): Exciting news from our Agriculture program – the green stems of the daffodils planted by our dedicated 6th grade Agriculture students last fall are starting to peek through the soil! These resilient little shoots are a promising sign of the colorful blooms to come.
As we eagerly await the burst of yellow and white petals, let's give a round of applause to our Ag students for their hard work and patience. Stay tuned for updates as our daffodils continue to grow and brighten up our school campus!
baking cookies

AG Episode 13: Valentine's Day Was Sugary Sweet

(2/14): Today in 6th-grade agriculture, students had a blast in Ms. Swain and Mrs. Whitworth's classes as they put on their chef hats and whipped up some delicious sugar cookies. From measuring ingredients to shaping the dough, these budding bakers showed off their skills using "Bertha", the portable kitchen.
With flour flying and faces beaming, the students eagerly mixed, rolled, and baked their way to sugary success. Under Mrs. Whitworth's guidance, they learned the difference between measuring cups, tablespoons, teaspoons, and the importance of ingredients like flour and sugar in creating the perfect cookie.
These cookies were a great treat for Valentine's Day! Way to go 6th Grade Ag students!

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